Abducted-Part 1

abducted part 1Abducted Part 1: Through the Looking Glass
(Alien Mate Index .5)
by Evangeline Anderson



I was pulled into this story right from the beginning. I was happy to see what this new series is going to be like and it looks like another fun trip through space. The characters start out strong and continue to build in the short span of the story. The language is perfect and conveys everything from the emotions to the locale in vivid detail.

Zoe McKinley is living a normal boring life with a mundane job and a boss from hell, but things are about to change. Sarden sees Zoe on the Alien Mate Index (AMI), a type of interstellar mail order brides. He purchases her, which she has no idea about, and has her transported to the space station. Zoe is informed she will never go home and is being traded to some other alien. She will do whatever it takes to get back home. Sarden has plans to keep that from happening.

This was the perfect length to whet my appetite for the new series. I like Zoe, I like Sarden, I even like A.L., this is going to be a fun group. Definitely recommend.


My rating: 5 of 5 stars





Obsession by Treaty


Obsession By Treaty (Qui Treaty Collection #5)

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

This is a standalone novel. It does however advance the overall story in glimpses of what had happened prior to this point. This story seems even darker than those that came before it, maybe because both the main characters involved are human. The pacing is perfect to allow you to savor every dark moment or contemplate what is happening to them. The characters are very well drawn and pull you in because they have personalities that make them accessible.

Major Darby McCabe has been in love with her CO (commanding officer for a very long time but has never said anything to him. While on a salvage mission to Petra to go through the wreckage of a suspected K’lahn ship an accident causes her to come in contact with a strange pebble that has an effect on her. Her feelings are intensified and she starts to make plans that could hurt everyone involved.

Colonel Ethan Saracen has feelings for Major McCabe but wants to wait to the war is over before he lets her know. After the mission on Petra she hardly speaks to him, only follows orders and nothing more. So when she comes and invites him out he believes they are about to get to the root of their problems. What happens instead is his abduction and subjugation by a woman he loves and learns to hate. Can obsession bring love or only loss?

I find that I like the fact that these alpha males are brought to their knees by the women in their lives. But they are a weepy bunch of soldiers. The fact that there is a wider story buried within the tales of these couples is really good. This has an element of mystery as well as the romance, sex, and great aliens. I am totally invested in these stories and cannot wait for the next one. Whether you start here or at the beginning, you should start.

There are themes of non-consensual sex, torture, and abduction. If you find any of this not to your liking, then you should pass.

Angel 6.0: Emissary


Angel 6.0: Emissary (Angel 6.0 #5)

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

This has been a fun ride with a girl who turns out to be more human than those around her. Even with the last book ending on an exciting note, this one starts a little less dramatically. Things were a little slow for me to start-up with but picked up quickly and moved us into the action I had been anticipating. The characters were even more vivid here as things started to come to a head for both humans and cats. The language was what I expected from this group of characters including the cats who seemed to have a very human temperament at times. The world they inhabited could be now or a hundred years from now because the human way of thinking does not seem to have changed from the beginning of time.

Angel has had a hard time since she was taken by the Gran and used as a concubine from Nugene Station. But things had started to get better with the Emperor’s son taking such a liking to her that he wished to keep her as his mate, and having Cesar actually come for her and try to free her. What more could a girl ask for? But for Angel life is never fair or simple. The DC decide that this is the time they wish to launch an attack on the Gran and break the treaty that has kept Earth safe for decades. Not very smart, but who said human politicians were smart.

Because of her status as Princess of the Gran Empire Angel is chosen by the Emperor to be Emissary to Earth and help avert a war that could wipe out both races. What’s a clone to do when she becomes the only hope for humanity and the Cats.

This one had me sitting on the edge of my seat hoping for the best but totally afraid that the worse would happen. Angel started out as a bit whiny, and naive but thirsty for true love. She ends by being an extremely strong and loyal woman who fights for those she loves with every ounce of passion in her heart, this is a girl I can get behind. I liked that she had this journey that opened her to the world. I did get teary quite a few times, cheered her on, and in general was glad things worked out the way they did. If you like Angel, you will love her by the end of this. Highly recommend!



Devoured (Brides of the Kindred #11)

My rating: 4.3 of 5 stars

This was another great entry in a series that I have come to love so much. The characters are ever-changing and yet still manage to allow time for characters which had been established in earlier books. The stories seem simple but have a complexity that makes them more interesting than if you had something just totally straight forward. The narrative flows very well though there are sometimes things that hold it back a little. The characters speak and act as you wold expect them to in most instances, though sometimes they seem to do things just to make the story progress.

Garron has been banned from his home-world, Pax because of his siding with his half-brother Truth when he had visited with his twin and mate. Garron is Rai’ku but his father was a twin Kindred who had lost his twin and mate. He is living on the mother ship and trying to come to terms with the new feelings that he has been having as well as the fact of his ‘other’ possibly coming out. Tess is running from an abusive spouse who could end her life and make it seem like an accident or something someone else did and has nowhere she can really hide. Her friend takes her to live at the Pairing House (pleasure-bots) for the unmated males where they figure her ex would never look for her. She has lived there for a week with no problems when Garron comes to choose one of the pairing bots and accidentally chooses her. Neither of their lives is ever the same after this.

I liked the story between Tess and Garron because they were both kind of lost. Tess because her ex had beaten her down so much she could not see the good in any man and Garron because he had loved and tried to protect someone he couldn’t and sought to punish himself forever. There was the requisite trip off-world which I have come to expect and look forward to since you never know what type of place it will be. I got to catch up with my girls from previous books to see what was happening in their lives. And we got to meet the next couple who will be brought together, and see what the malevolent entity in their midst will cause to happen. Really want that wrapped up because it just annoys me a bit.

Overall I would recommend this along with all the series as a must read!

Submit By Treaty


Submit By Treaty (Qui Treaty Collection #4)

My rating: 5 of 5 stars


I find myself totally absorbed into these books and wanting more and more to keep participating in the lives of the people involved. The characters continue to keep my interest because they have such emotional depth to them which brings out their personalities. I love the fact that while you know the human and the alien will submit to the other in one way or another it is never an easy transition, giving us a look at how individuals find their way to understanding each other. The language continues to work for the characters and conveys their feelings and emotions effortlessly.

After locating and rescuing Raiss Tyrone, Commander Meseri is happy to have him on board as she attempts to capture his friend and team-mate Zeus Windsor. Zeus has been on a killing spree since getting away from his captors and is considered extremely dangerous. Even with the help of Raiss it is not easy to subdue Zeus who has become mentally unstable while being held and tortured by the K’lahn and then the Surashan.

Lieutenant Zeus Windsor was once in line for the British throne, though way down the list, but is a good soldier who has been broken by his captivity. When he finds himself on a ship with ‘lizards’ he is very leery of what is going on, even though they say they are taking him home. He is so damaged after hearing his friends be tortured that he is even unable to interact with Raiss. Meseri finally is the only one who can find to help him break out of the insanity which he has been living with. But what will they find as they break down the barriers in his mind which seem to have been built so tightly?

There is so much more going on in the background of these seeming love matches. Why are they so drawn to each other? Is the Qui Empress willing to honor the agreement she made with earth, even if they are trying to double cross her? Is war on the horizon? There are a lot of questions being raised and I am going to keep reading so I can get my answers. This is good science fiction and erotic romance together.

Angel 6.0: Pursuit


Angel 6.0: Pursuit (Angel 6.0 #4)

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
This was another great entry in the life of a girl who cannot seem to catch a break no matter what her situation. The story continues to build on itself bringing more and more complexity to the characters and to the world that they are living in. The tone can be fun and light at times making you laugh or just smile,it can then become dark, or very hot. I like the way it flows from situation to situation with surprises laid out as things progress.

Angel is less than thrilled to be returning to Gran space, though she is happy to see her royal friends on her return. What she finds is that in the short time she has been away Prince Rollick has grown and is moving out of his adolescence, and has decided that he wants Angel as more than a friend. She has decided to play matchmaker for two people who she is fond of and would like to see happy. But this is Angel and no matter what she does the universe seems to be against her ever finding a moment of happiness.

I have said it before and will say it again, this is a really great series! I love the fact that the characters continue to evolve both emotionally and intellectually. The heat level is high but does not interfere with the story and keeps me wanting more. I want to know what happens to Angel because I have come to really her, she feels what every woman feels over their lives at one point or another, that they are too different to be loved or nothing more than a freak. I am looking forward to the next installment!!



Divided (Brides of the Kindred #10)

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I have been in love with this series from the very beginning and it just continues to get better. While each story has a different couple or trio, you are still able to check in with the couples that started it. The story is always interesting with an element of danger or something to be overcome in order for our people to get together. The planets that are visited are well constructed and fit in with what you would expect to find out in the big black of space. Cultures that are different but in many ways similar to ours make it easy to feel for what happens with them. And everything always moves forward and creates more story to follow.

Truth and Far are Twin Kindred who were separated at birth and grew up without their other half, something that is bad for this type of Kindred. While Far was raised on Twin Moons by an adoptive family he was still alone, without his brother or other real family. On the other side of the galaxy Truth was being raised on Pax in a society that frowned on everything that he and his father were. Far finds his brother but is disappointed when he does not seem to care for him or want a connection.

Becca stumbled into the middle of these two after eating a piece of bonding fruit cake at Kat’s wedding to her twin warriors. When she has an experience with the Truth and Far in the Sacred Grove she decides that she cannot take her vows to become a nun. Because of her upbringing she wants to choose between the brothers not realizing that she is doing harm to them by making it easy for them to stay apart. When they share a vision of the unmated males and a threat to the mother ship they must work together to keep it from happening. In the process they find that being together may be what they all need.

Another great book that gave plenty of tense moments where anything could have happened. There are some very hot encounters between our reluctant trio that made me wish I could participate. You cannot go wrong with the Kindred, these warriors are everything you could possibly want. Start with Claimed and read on through.

“Kat sighed. “Well, the first thing you’re going to need to do is keep in contact with both of them. Touch them a lot—and I do mean a lot—or you’re going to start getting sick.” “What? But I can’t,” Becca protested. “That’s what got me into this in the first place. And besides, every time I touch them, especially together, I keep wanting to…to…” She broke off, blushing. “Get down and dirty again?” Kat said sympathetically. “Yeah, I get it. Your body wants the full bonding experience. In fact, that’s probably what you ought to do.” “I don’t want to,” Becca said stubbornly. “I mean, Truth is on board with it and Far has always wanted the three of us together. But what happens when I have to tell my parents?” “Ask yourself this—who would you rather spend the rest of your life with?” Kat said. “Your parents or your guys? If you’d really rather move back home and never see Truth and Far again…” “No, I…” Becca put a hand to her throat. “I couldn’t. That…that would be awful.” “See?” Kat said. “Your heart knows who to choose even if your brain doesn’t.”
Evangeline Anderson, Divided Evangeline Anderson