Psychic Intrigue

This was not what I expected at all. You think of psychics and the first thing to come to mind is not the cold war.

The story moved so slowly that I put the book aside more than once because it was just not interesting. This is a spy novel with a psychic involved. It has components of a love story as well, though not very well done for my tastes.

The premise is that the Russians are using a psychic to make their enemies change sides and gain them the upper hand. The psychic is a young woman who is being slowly killed by using her abilities. She is in love with an American pianist who she met once and listens to often, daydreaming about him. The Americans consider her to be the most dangerous person on the planet and want to stop her one way or the other.

The characters are a bit lackluster and I really could not care about them one way or the other. KGB men who were stereotypical of what you have seen a million times. CIA operatives that could have come from any other novel. I found it alright but a boring read.

If you like stories about spies and foreign plots it may be more for you.

Summit (The Psychic Thriller, #1)Summit by Richard Bowker
My rating: 2 of 5 stars