The Ghost Files


The Ghost Files (The Ghost Files #1)

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
I did not really know what to expect from this when I got started but was very pleasantly surprised with where it went. The story is very nicely executed with the characters becoming more pronounced with each chapter. The language is perfect for the ages of the characters and makes you pay closer attention to them. This is not really so much scary as it is disturbing, but it does not make it any less effective. This is touted as being horror but I see more of a mystery with a paranormal theme involved. It is also more young adult than adult, though maybe that changes a bit in later books.

Mattie Hathaway has been in the foster care system for a good portion of her life, she entered it at the age of five and now at the age of sixteen she is a veteran of the system who knows how to survive. There is one thing Mattie has kept to herself all those years, and that is the fact that she can see ghosts. While in her latest and best foster home she encounters the ghost of a little girl who she ignores as has become her custom. The only thing that goads her into communicating with the ghosts she sees is when she sees her foster sister as a ghost after having just left her alive at home.

While in the hospital after a mishap Mattie meets Officer Dan who will become very important to her and what she finds out about what is happening. A serial killer has been operating in the town and preying on children who in most cases will either not be missed or assumed as a run-away. Mattie brings attention to herself and the killer takes notice. The children who have been killed have gathered around her and she does not know if they mean her harm or are simply drawn to her. Whatever else may happen Mattie may have to survive more than just a bad few days.

Once I got into it I really did enjoy the story. Mattie was a bit much to take because of her teen angst and self reliant posturing throughout the book, with reminding us she does not cry or does not need anyone constantly. Her back story was heart breaking but could have been deeper still. The end was a bit of a shocker and made me more than eager to read the next book in this series. If you can get around the bravado and whining of our 16 year old heroine you will enjoy this. Ghosts, serial killers, revenge, what more can you ask for.