Midnight Rising

Midnight Rising
(Midnight Breed #4)
by Lara Adrian (Goodreads Author)

This is finally Rio’s story. Rio was betrayed by the one person he would never see it coming from and it left him completely devastated. I was feeling so much for Rio from the time he got injured and all through his rehab that I was so happy to see him seeming to come out of his funk.

This is another great entry in the saga of the Breed Warriors and the mates who find them when they need them most. The story takes up a short time after the end of Midnight Awakening and continues in a way that makes it perfectly clear what is happening. The language is just what is expected from the varied characters as they have been introduced. The story is told from multiple points of view allowing you to get the full picture without wondering how the information came to be. Most of the characters are already well established with personalities that let you know who they are right away. The new characters also come out of the gate with full blown personalities which make it easy to see who they are and what they will be to the overall story line.

Rio stays in Prague after the other Breed Warriors return to Boston telling them he will destroy the cave which had been used as a stasis chamber. But months later and it still stands and he has become to weak to do anything. Dylan is on vacation with friends of her mother when she sees the ghost of a woman who leads her to Rio and asks for her help to save him. A new villain rises to take the place of the one thwarted and he has plans that will devastate not only the world of the Breed but that of the humans who have no idea what lies just outside their safe world.

There is some good action scenes along with a romance that is hard fought to exist.

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

He had let Eva down and he knew it. But she had paid him back in spades. Her betrayal had rattled him on a soul-deep level. It had made him question everything, including why the hell he should be taking up precious space in this world.


Midnight Awakening

Midnight Awakening
(Midnight Breed #3)
by Lara Adrian

I do have a thing for the tortured soul warrior/alpha male. They make me feel so much more for them because they have endured so much and keep going on whatever mission they have to keep them sane. Tegan is the warrior who is being highlighted here and he has had a half life for a very long time. I knew there was something tragic in his past but finding out made me like him even more. He was completely true to what you would expect from someone who had been hurt so badly.

The characters are perfectly drawn and easily related to. The story while extreme in many ways could be about anyone who had a tragedy in their past that defined how they reacted to others in the future. I liked everything about this because I really felt for both Tegan and Elise who were two people who were doing their best to cope with a bad situation which had been thrust upon them. There was no lag in this but a steady buildup to a finale that was both anticipated and surprising.

When Elise lost her husband she was devastated but able to go on because she had her son, but with the loss of her son she feels there is nothing left to truly live for. Elise leaves the Darkhaven she has always called home and moves out into the world to take revenge on those who helped take her son from her. Tegan lost his mate over 500 years ago and has not allowed himself to feel for another female since that time. He is dedicated to protecting the Breed from the Rogue threat but does not believe he deserves to have a mate because he was not able to protect his first one. When he finds out what Elise is doing he wants to keep her safe even though she seems fully capable of taking care of herself.

This had some great action along with some very tender scenes between two very different and yet similar people. Breed warriors make great mates! I would highly recommend this!

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I want to hold you while you drink from me. I want to feel you bite into me.” Touching her, he felt her uncertainty. “I’ve never done it that way before.” “Good,” he said, entirely too pleased to hear it. “I’ve never asked anyone to do it that way before. So, will you, Elise?” She frowned, but her eyes were rooted on his throat. “I don’t want to hurt you…” He chuckled, adoring her all the more for her concern. “Come here,” he said, wrapping his hand around her nape and guiding her down to the exposed column of his neck. “Sink your teeth into me, Elise. Take your fill.”


(Eternal Guardians #4)
by Elisabeth Naughton

Orpheus is the bad boy that you cannot help but love. He has done everything to make himself unlovable to others and yet he still has those who can see the good in him. I was totally happy to see his story. This was full of sacrifice, fated love, fated betrayal, and heroics. The language was just right to draw you further and further into the story with appearances by Argonauts and their mates that kept it moving at a steady pace.

Skyla is given an assignment by Athena that she figures will be routine, kill Orpheus, get the Orb and bring it back to Zeus. This is something she has done many times over her 2000 years as a Siren. But after meeting Orpheus she discovers something that Zeus and Athena failed to tell her, and if they did not tell her about this, what else might they be keeping from her.

Orpheus is hunting the sorcerer who sent his brother Gryphon’s soul to Tartarus, and stole the Orb to build his power. When a Siren shows up he knows what to expect but she does not act in the way he thought she would. Because of this he goes after Maelea, the daughter of Zeus and Persephone, which opens up a whole new set of problems.

This was a really good story that I am so glad got told. The Guardians may be the descendants of the gods but they are also men who have to figure out where they fit into the world around them. Everyone should take time for this lesson in mythology.

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“Not trust. There is none.
Not honesty. Honesty is a farce.
And definitely not love. Love was the greatest ruse of all. Designed to trap and enslave and ultimately destroy.”
Elisabeth Naughton, Enraptured


(Vampire Awakenings #5)
by Brenda K. Davies

I have been reading this series since the first book and have loved every one of them. This one literally grabbed me with the first sentence and I could not put it down until I had gotten to the end. I am not even sure what it was about this that had me so captivated but it was something that I want to experience again. The characters were so vivid and alive that I could see what was happening to them every step of the way. The situations were plausible and did not seem so fantastic that they were totally unbelievable. It flowed perfectly and kept you engrossed and sunk into the world that was being built around you.

Abby Byrne has been warned about Brian Foley by her family, saying he is dangerous and a monster. But when they find themselves in trouble and need someone who knows how to kill they call on him. Well this time Abby needs his help and does not want to tell her family what is going on. Her twin sister, Vicky, has gone missing and she needs someone who can help find her without alarming her parents or siblings.

There is another thing between her and Brian that she had hoped to avoid for a few more years if at all possible. The first and only time she had seen him was in a hotel room when she was fifteen and he was saving her and her sister from a killer, that he had led to her family. But after that night she could not get him out of her mind and dreamed about him for years. She really hopes that it doesn’t mean what she fears it might.

This was a story that will be really enjoyed by those who have read the previous stories, especially since you do get to check in with some of the other family members. I highly recommend this series and this book. There is some violence, sex, mutilations, and drug use.

**Tavia Gilbert is a great narrator who continues to bring the characters in these novels to life.

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“Humans know they face death every day, yet they bravely go out into the world. They smile, laugh, and love all while knowing it could be over in the next instant. We’re immortal and yet they’re a far more resilient species. I mean, how is it possible to live so much while knowing death is the only end they will have?”

A Kiss of Shadows

a kiss of shadowsA Kiss of Shadows

(Merry Gentry #1)
by Laurell K. Hamilton


This was my second reading of this book and I am going to go back and read all those that came after. I loved it the first time and this time was just more of the same. The characters are all so individualized that you have something/someone new when they are introduced. The story is outside the norm which makes it perfect the genre that it is being written for. The style and language flow effortlessly off the page keeping you turning, wanting to take in just a little more even when you know you should stop.

Merry Gentry is much more than she has told her boss at the Grey Detective agency. He believes her to be just a human with fey in her ancestry, what he does not know is she is a Princess of faerie a hiding out with him. Meredith Nic Essus has been away from her home for three years because of attempts on her life after the death of her father. She is not a pure fey and that rankles her aunt, the Queen, who allows the attempts on a royal. But things have changed at home and they want her back home. But what exactly do they have planned for her now that she no longer has a death sentence hanging over her head? Merry is homesick enough to go find out.

This is a very nice beginning to a series that is urban fantasy with a bite. It can be very hot in some places but nothing to out there. I think it would be liked by a lot of people. If you have read the Anita Blake series then this one could become another favorite.



My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“Men don’t settle down because of the right woman. They settle down because they are finally ready for it. Whatever woman they’re dating when they get ready is the one they settle down with, not necessarily the best one or the prettiest, just the one who happened to be on hand when the time got to be right. Unromantic, but still true.”
― Laurell K. Hamilton, A Kiss of Shadows



Karibu Heat

karibu heat

Karibu Heat

I am giving this 4.5 stars because I really liked the story even if I didn’t have all the background (my fault for reading the sequel first). Though they did give a very good recap of the circumstances that brought them all to the Karibu Resort. I actually liked all the characters here as they were introduced, everyone had their own little quirks and attitudes, which made them more interesting. The story was simple and flowed well so that you always knew what was going on. The language works for the people and the situation and is appropriate.

Jager Manning follows Anjelee Montrose to the Karibu Resort after she has attempted to blackmail his client with the intention of making sure she goes to jail upon her return to the states. Anjelee for her part does not believe that he has any right to be following her, even though she had signed a contract saying she would never disclose or attempt to extort his client again, she lied. Then there is Keefer who is there with Anjelee and has no idea what she has gotten herself into, he loves her but will not tell her for fear of rejection. When these three finally come together it is an instant ignition of heat regardless of the situation before them. The question is can Jager remain impartial when he finds himself wanting to be a part of this threesome or will he complete his job like he has sworn too.

This is a fun and wild read that seems to have no holds barred as these three get sun and fun in a paradise of nudity and anything goes sex. Be warned there are scenes of mfm, mf, mmf, and mm. If you cannot take that much heat avoid it, but if you like some heat with your story go for it.



My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars


“And you’re going to tell me that reason right now. But before you do, let me explain to you the way I’m seeing it. You want me, I want you and we both want him. So…what do you say we come up with a plan to make us all happy?”



Bonded (Law of the Lycans #1)

It was really hard trying to figure out what order to read the books in this series. I have read the first 4 out of order with this being the last one I read, but it still has not lessened my enjoyment of the story. I just convinced myself this was the way and they are just giving me background they didn’t have time for before, yeah I am good at self delusion, it’s why I read in the first place. This was maybe a little longer than I thought it had to be, it made things a little boring at times. But the overall feel was one that kept me interested and wanting to hear more from the characters.

Brandi is in her last year at the Academy and has a crush on the legendary Reno Smith,an operative for Lycan Link, and she gets a chance to meet him in person. Reno is teaching a class on self-defense in human form at the Academy as part of his duties and when his assistant fails to show up Brandi gets her chance to impress him. This encounter starts a on-off relationship that is bizarre in how it progresses.

While that is going on the Purists are pushing their agenda and causing a lot of harm across the country. Reno and his enforcers are in the middle and being targeted for their efforts to rid the shifter community of these bigots. The purists are going to cause trouble for everyone but especially for those not having the pure heritage they claim is important.

The story is two pronged here focusing on Reno and Brandi as well as the Purist movement. You also get introduced to characters that you are going to see in later books like Kane, Ryne and Damien who play key parts in other areas. This story has complications, devotion, loyalty, love, betrayal, and a cornucopia of emotions both good and bad. I cried for them and cheered and yelled at their stupidity. I loved it in other words, give me something that reaches into the mind and makes it a part of your reality and that is heaven for me. Definitely recommend!




My Rating: 5 of 5 stars



“Lycan society is dominated by pack life. A pack is more than a large family. Each member is highly dependent on the others for nurturing and support. When one member falters, the whole pack suffers. For this reason, pack members are highly protective of each other, instinctively recognizing that the common good supersedes personal wants and desires.”
Nicky Charles, Bonded