Death Ain’t But A Word

death ain't but a wordDeath Ain’t But A Word: A Supernatural Hot Mess
by Zander Marks


I had heard a lot of good things about this book before I got it and I will say that they were all justified. Now, it starts off a little slowly as it establishes who and what the characters are in relation to each other. And though we meet quite a few different characters they are not all fully fleshed out with a background and such though they still have a vital purpose in the story. The ebb and flow of the story was good and made understanding what was going on and why very easy to follow. Though some might not be able to always follow the conversations, the use of slang is limited and mostly explained when it is used. The idea behind this was just so delicious to me and I guess I could not help but like it, it spoke to me very loudly.

Wilkin Jones is a crackhead but he is so much more than just that and he wishes that he were not. It has been twenty-three years since his best friend disappeared and was presumed dead, but he has kept in touch off and on with him over the years. When the killer comes back and wants to clean up after himself, Wilkin finds that he is in the middle of something that could cause him to step over into the veil for good. He has fought who he really is for years but now he may not be able to do that any longer if he wants to survive.

The thought of a crackhead being the main focus was intriguing to me and it proved to be very entertaining. I found myself smiling a lot while reading this as well as getting a bit weepy at times. Wilkin is a likable guy who I can see myself knowing in real life. Some of these characters remind me of people from my old neighborhood and they were mostly good folks who just fell. I would recommend this to everyone! A different kind of ghost story that brings things into the light.



My rating: 4 of 5 stars

“Don’t you DARE try that goo-goo-eyed force-be-with-you Obi-Wan Kenobi bullshit with me. I know what time it is. Ain’t about me. I’m a crackhead gonna die behind a Dumpster, nobody miss me when I do. Fuck that. This about him. He don’t deserve this. After all he been through, he do not deserve this. So cut the crap right now. Right now! And don’t piss on my leg and tell me it be raining, ’cause you coulda stopped it. You let it happen. You knew all along, and you were wrong for that. So fuck you and don’t hand me no light saber and play some bitch-ass Yoda. I AIN’T HAVING IT!”








The Dex Files

the dex files

The Dex-Files (Experiment in Terror #5.7)

To finally get some more background on Dex is fantastic!

What’s offered up are different scenes from each book in the series up to this point as well as new insights from Dex’s past. While the language may be to much for some, Dex does have a flair for the profane, it is no worse than you would hear on a cable show. While I was given to understand that the sexual content was high and a bit raunchy, have to say that I found it fairly tame.

Dex is a complicated character who has a number of problems when it comes to relating to people. Here we get to find out why he is the way he is when it comes to relationships. We also get to see that he was not the heartless SOB that he appeared to be when he first met Perry. Getting to see his point of view gives a voice that was missing as to how things were progressing.

I think it will be enjoyed by fans of the series whether you love or hate Dex. But who wouldn’t love the adorable scoundrel. 🙂



My rating: 5 of 5 stars


“I was head over heels in love with her. No, that didn’t describe it. I was tear my fucking heart out and throw it at her, beg her to take it into hers. I was falling from the greatest heights with no safety net below. I was giving everything of my own life for hers, giving up every inch of my soul so she could wear it proudly. I was a former king on my knees in front of the queen. A jester begging for a chance. I was powerless, helpless and at her mercy.”
Karina Halle, The Dex-Files

The Benson

the benson

The Benson (Experiment in Terror #2.5)

A nice interlude to whet the appetite for another rousing adventure. Perry’s abilities are growing as she actively works the ghost hunting angle. She wanted to be able to help the people or ghosts and she has.

What else can I say. If you have never read any other of the Experiment in Terror novels this can give you an idea of what is in store. Then go back to the first and really enjoy it. This is a fantastic series!

 My rating: 5 of 5 stars
“Nothing like a hot woman to make two chubby girls feel like they’re having a bonding moment.”
Karina Halle, The Benson

Haunted on Bourbon Street

haunted on bourbon street

Haunted on Bourbon Street (Jade Calhoun #1)

This  made me want to keep reading even though I had a million other things to do. This really surprised me, I expected a nice read but did not expect to get so caught up that I would want to finish it in one sitting. I knew who Jade was in a snap and liked her enough that I knew this was going to be entertaining. The characters really pulled me into the story because they seemed like anyone else I might know, minus the interesting abilities. The fact that it was mostly clear of typos and misplaced words was also a big plus for me. The story was well written and moved forward at a good pace to keep your interest with just the right amount of action thrown in.

Jade Calhoun moved to New Orleans from Idaho for a job and a change of scenery. She also has an ability which she wants to keep secret and what better way then around people who do not really know her. She is lucky enough to find a reasonably priced apartment on Bourbon Street above a strip club, which her landlord also owns. There only seems to be one problem with her new home, there is a ghost residing with her. When her attempts to get rid of the ghost do not work she calls in help, but then finds that while the ghost seems to like her, her boss Pyper is being tormented nightly. The race is then on to find a way to rid them of this ghost before he can cause real harm to Pyper. Oh, the landlord happens to be a hunky piece of man named Kane so you know this is just another complication.

I totally loved this for some reason that is hard to explain. I liked the fact that Jade had a tough side and could stand up for herself, but she was still vulnerable from her past and tried to work through it. Kane was the perfect man really, he was understanding, protective, sexy, and loving. But I really liked Pyper, she was a survivor who didn’t take anything from anyone, she was a friend who would stick by you through anything. This is more or less a light romp, but sets the stage for more serious things in the future. I would definitely recommend this book.

Rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

No review- End of April 2017

Assassin's LamentDT fall of gilead1ghoul's night out


Assassin’s Lament gets 3 of 5 stars. This moved a little slow for me and so I had a hard time getting into it. I do love the author however because he writes with passion.


Dark Tower: The Fall of Gilead #1 gets 4 of 5 stars. I loved all the books and this gives you a chance to see behind the curtain to what was going on that we did not get to see originally.


Ghouls Night Out gets 4 of 5 stars. This is book two of the series and it is a nice addition but pretty much the same type of thing that happened in the first with the addition of another male. Rose Pressey writes some sweet and sentimental books with fun characters and plenty of humor.

Nothing says romance like taking your date with you to exorcise a house. Candlelit dinners, flowers, and demons…yes, going to a movie and dinner was far too normal for me. I had to be different. No wonder I hardly ever had a date. Ghouls Night Out



The Mall


The Mall

There is a lot going on in this novel and it made for a hard read because of it. Its like everything was being thrown in to make it more interesting but what it did was keep me confused. There is science fiction with an automated Mall with robots and a central intelligence running things. Then we have a revisionist history which has figures alive and kicking who died in the original timeline, a paranormal leaning with psychic individuals and ghosts running around. With all of this I was still actually kind of bored while reading it. I never really felt anything much for any of the characters, though I did want them to survive if only because they were children. The mother was kind of unsympathetic and annoying for the most part. It felt like it was to long and could have been concluded sooner.

Lara is the mother of two children, Cora and Owen, the widow of Ben and not a great planner at all. She has been evicted from her home and finds herself homeless with her children and no backup plan. Lara is going to the one person she hoped not to have to ask for help, her mother-in-law who blames her for the death of her son. She lives in the residential section of the Mall, Lara hopes that she will allow the children to stay with her until she can make arrangements for a new place to live. But she wants to take the children and to brand Lara an unfit mother, so she leaves and decides to stay in the Mall.

Owen is ten years old and blames his mother for everything and anything. When she falls asleep in the movie he decides to sneak off and do something he wants, even though he is leaving his sister as well. Not surprisingly there is a power outage and he is cut off from his family, a killer is roaming the Mall, the robots are all offline, and Lara is panicking. There is an evil presence in the Mall and reuniting is more difficult than anyone could have expected.

When I read the blurb I was really excited about reading this book because it sounded good. I am not quite so enthusiastic about it now. It took me 8 days to read a book that should have only taken me three at the outside. This did not work for me but maybe it will for someone else. Just to much going on and not enough action or scares to keep me engaged. I finished it because I do not like to quit and find that I missed something.

My rating: 2.5 of 5 stars