Angry Lead Skies


Angry Lead Skies (Garrett Files #10)

This is one of the really good ones as far as Garrett and his adventures are concerned. I always like that he has something different going on that takes place in his fictional land. The story moves pretty quickly and we get to see how he acts with women other than those he always has around. The characters are fairly well defined and fleshed out.

Garrett is awakened from a deep sleep by Playmate who comes to him and asks that he help protect an obnoxious kid named Kip Prose who is being threatened by creatures who are hard to describe. Kip is a teenager who was befriended by two strange guys who have been giving him ideas for inventions that could make someone a lot of money. Opening his door when a woman is not knocking does not ever work out for him, but neither does it when they do.

Enjoy this adventure and watch Garrett try to please everyone and still get paid.

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars
“The Dead Man once told me that monsters aren’t born, they’re made. That they are memorials which take years of cruelty to sculpt. And that while we should weep for the tortured child who served as raw material, we should permit no sentiment to impede us while we rid the world of the terror strewn by the finished work. It took me a while to figure out what he meant but I do understand him now.”
Glen Cook, Angry Lead Skies

Faded Steel Heat

Faded Steel Heat: A Garrett (Garrett Files, #9)

Faded Steel Heat (Garrett Files #9)

I have always liked Garrett because he reminds me so much of the noir detectives of the 40’s who were tough guys who had a thing for the ladies but also had a soft spot that they had to hide. That is totally the world Garrett lives in, his just also happens to have ogres and elves and dwarves and trolls just to name a few of the nonhuman denizens who live there too. Sometimes the stories are exciting with plenty of action and sometimes they are like this one with a plot you have to follow closely to keep the characters straight.

Things are going downhill in Tunfaire with the Call still on their mission to get all the non-humans out of town by any means necessary. The problem for Garrett is that they seem to want to drag him into the middle of the mess and he would prefer not to have to get involved. When he gets a visit from Tinnie, Alyx, and Nicks asking him to go to work for Max Weider, whose brewery he is on retainer to, has been targeted for ‘protection money’ by men claiming to be from the Call, he has no choice but to get involved. If they are moving into the rackets to fund their racist agenda he wants to find out and stop them.

There are always so many players when it comes to these stories that if you are new to them you can get lost. The stories while not always super exciting are always interesting and make you think because they do mirror our world and what is or has happened in it. I am kind of over the rioting and beating of non-humans though and am ready to move on to something more interesting. Still well worth the time.

My rating: 3 of 5 stars
“Relway mused, “Now that it’s happened I’m not so sure I’m happy with the outcome. Spared their racial theories The Call would’ve been good for TunFaire.” He would appreciate their interest in law and order and proper behavior. “Here’s a challenge you still need to meet. Glory Mooncalled. He’s weak now but he’s still out there somewhere. If you don’t get him now he’ll try to put something back together someday. He can’t help himself.” “It’s still great day for TunFaire, Garrett. One of pure triumph.” I don’t know if he meant that or was being sarcastic. You never quite know anything with Relway. And he wants it that way. “I liked the way you put it, Garrett. Faded steel heat.” I’d mentioned that to him the night he’d discovered the tanks in the old Lamp brewery. “But the war goes on.” “The war never ends. Tell you what. Send me a note when you do decide to roast that pigeon. I’ve got dibs on a drumstick.”
Glen Cook, Faded Steel HeatGlen Cook

Petty Pewter Gods


Petty Pewter Gods: A Garrett (Garrett Files #8)

I have liked Garrett from the first adventure I took with him but this one did not seem very exciting or interesting. The story was alright I guess since it did at least have an awake Dead Man for once, he has been asleep for awhile. The new characters introduced did not seem very lively or appealing but kind of dull and lackluster. This was one that I had a hard time getting into and even when I did I just kept going because I like Garrett and his bits of sarcasm enough to overlook a weak plot line.

Garrett finds himself in the middle of a contest between two groups of gods in Tunefaire. The refugees from the Cantard have brought their own pantheon of gods to the Street of Dreams and now one of the existing pantheons is going to have to move out. Lucky Garrett, he gets to figure who is going to get the last location at the bottom of the street. He gets snatched by the Godoroth first and even though he does not commit he gets waylaid by the Shayir, the other pantheon and told he cannot leave until he helps them. What can he do but escape and go into hiding. He has never been very big on gods in the past and now he can see that they are not anything more than a bunch of thugs who just want to be worshiped.

This was not the best so far and I have a ways to go but if you want the continuity you have to read it. Just know that there are some truly slow spots. But it is still Garrett even if he is not handling a good mystery this time.

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Deadly Quicksilver Lies


Deadly Quicksilver Lies: A Garrett, P.I. Novel (Garrett Files #7)

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars
I love Garrett, have ever since I read the first book and always want to read more. This time while I basically liked it I was not taken away with this particular story. Everybody seemed lackluster and the story was not very interesting. I missed the Dead Man in the overall story since he gives a kick to everything going on with Garrett. Dean was another missed figure for me since he makes Garrett so crazy by running his house like it was his own and not Garrett’s.

Bottom line, I enjoyed it because it was a Garrett tale but did not because the story was not very engaging. But I will be reading the next one because they have such interesting characters most of the time.

“Pull up a step, Ace,” I told him. He did, but he had the fidgets. He kept looking for his lucky exit. I told him, “I didn’t really want you. But I can’t get ahold of Winger.” Not that I’d tried. “What? Who?” “Your girlfriend. Big blond goof with no common sense, always has an angle, never tells the truth if a lie will do. Her.” “Part of that fits everybody in this thing,” Morley said. “Even up on the Hill, they turned the truth to quicksilver.” “Untruths, too.” “Quicksilver lies. I like that.” “Deadly quicksilver lies.” I spotted friend C.J. Carlyle. “Look who missed the slaughter at Maggie Jenn’s place.”
Glen Cook, Deadly Quicksilver Lies: A Garrett, P.I. Novel Glen Cook

Old Tin Sorrows

Old Tin Sorrows (Garrett P.I., #4)

Old Tin Sorrows (Garrett Files #4)


My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars
I love Garrett because I always have the most fun reading his exploits, he is such a romantic, aggravating, womanizing character.

Here he goes to help a fellow Marine who has a dying boss and former commanding officer. Garrett thinks it will be a simple matter to figure out who the culprit is, but of course he should know that when he gets called in things get weird fast. His world is populated with all manner of fantastic character like Morley Dotes, a black elf who owns a health food restaurant and does assassination work on the side, when he’s not sleeping with married women. The women are all shapely and rarely human but he goes for them no matter what they are, as long as they are beautiful.

This is just a fun read with elements of mystery, the supernatural, and mythical creatures. Enjoy it if you like a good noir type mystery with a fantasy twist. Think Raymond Chandler.