Juliette & Ryo


Juliette & Ryo

by Peter Philipp (Goodreads Author), Johanna Dy (Illustrator)
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
This was a very nice story that I think many children will enjoy and identify with. The art is nice and clean with a feel of the ethereal. The children are transported to a magical forest. This is about imagination and that is always a good way to spend some time.

Give your young child a fun adventure.


To Have and To Code


To Have and To Code (A Modern Witch 0.5)

by Debora Geary (Goodreads Author), Martha Harmon Pardee (Narrator)
My rating: 4 of 5 stars
This was the second book in this series that I read. After reading the first it was kind of hard not to want to go on with series. I love the characters, who make me feel like I am a part of their life from the moment we meet. The world they live in is not perfect but has enough reality added that you feel like you know it or have at least been there before.

The Sullivan’s are a big and boisterous family who just happen to be witches. But even more than that they are a family of coders and mathematical whizzes who have been running games over the net for years. Enchanters Realm is a popular game among humans and witches, but has a special level that only witches are usually able to reach because it requires the use of magic. Enter the Hacker, a guy who codes better than a lot of people, including some of those Sullivan’s. Nell and Jaime are not happy when they realize that they have been hacked but figure that they person is a witch that they simply have not met.

Daniel is a first class coder and does it for a living most of the time. He does like to peek in the backdoor of games once in a while but nothing that would be considered cheating. He finds himself plying against the wizard, but notices that some of the code seems redundant or useless, not understanding that it is magic. He manages to hold off an attack of real magic with nothing but his code, pretty good. Then he decides he wants to work for them, that could be the craziest idea he ever had.

The writing and the story are light, fun, with a sense of romance. Anyone would enjoy this story and series.