Bell, Book, and Sandals

bell,book, and sandals  Bell, Book, and Sandals (Maxie Duncan #1)
by Melissa L. Webb


This was a fun little story with a girl who was annoying but seemed to grow a bit. The characters were fairly real to life because I really disliked Maxie when she started acting all stuck up and that type of dislike is reserved for someone I can relate to. The story got me interested and kept me interested to the very end with a few twists I did not see coming.

Maxie is a little rich girl who thought she was going to have the perfect little rich life. Then her fiancée dumps her just weeks before their wedding for a nobody girl named Sunday. Unhappy and just wanting to get away she runs to Hollywood thinking that she can become an actress, even though she has never acted a day in her life, and that she will become famous. Well, that is not the case and she ends up having to actually work for the first time in her life. She is lucky enough to find someone who offers her a place to live and a job.

When she meets Ryan, a real movie star and starts a relationship with him she starts to turn her back on the people who took her in and helped her. Thinking that she is meant for better things than simply working for a living. But there are things she does not know about Ryan or herself for that matter. When she finds out things are going to change in ways she could not have seen.

I got into this story and the characters and was hoping for more, but have been unable to find the next book.



My rating: 4 f 5 Stars




Turn Coat

turn coat

Turn Coat (The Dresden Files #11)

by Jim Butcher (Author) James Marsters (Narrator)
  I have been enjoying listening to the books after reading them a few years ago. James Marsters has brought so much life to the characters that I cannot imagine any other voice as that of Dresden. He gives a true vibrancy and personality to each of the characters which distinguishes them from one another. The stories have continued to evolve from that first introduction to the wizard and his world. Things can sometimes drag a little, but it is never for long and always picks up.

Morgan has been the bane of Harry Dresden’s life since he was a 16 year old kid hauled before the White Council for the crime of killing with magic. When Morgan finds himself on the other side of the good graces of the Council he goes to the one person who you would expect to laugh in his face and send him to his fate. But that is not how Harry operates, he believes Morgan when he says he is innocent, and at the risk of his own life sets out to prove that innocence.

A well written ride through the world of Harry and all those creatures, friend and foe,  who inhabit it. This is a good one!

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
“You’re in America now,” I said. “Our idea of diplomacy is showing up with a gun in one hand and a sandwich in the other and asking which you’d prefer.”
Jim Butcher, Turn Coat

White Knight

white night

White Night (The Dresden Files #9)

by Jim Butcher (Author), James Marsters (Narrator)
This is just another wild ride with the only practicing wizard in Chicago. The writing is always lively and descriptive giving a great look at both the characters and surroundings. The story is tight and flows perfectly. I love to listen because James Marsters is Harry Dresden and pulls me in as soon as he starts talking.

Harry has been drafted by the White Council as a Warden and is actually having to deal with them and look out for his territory. It just so happens that women, witches are being killed and or disappearing and he has no idea until Murphy clues him in. Molly is pushing hard to be included even though she has no experience. And to top it off many people believe he is the killer because a tall man in a grey cloak has been seen with the victims.

Dresden fans will enjoy this!

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
I am a super fan of Harry!
“What is the point of having free will if one cannot occasionally spit in the eye of destiny?”
Jim Butcher, White Night

Proven Guilty

Proven Guilty

Proven Guilty (The Dresden Files #8)

by Jim Butcher, James Marsters (Narrator)

Another good Dresden book with characters we have not seen for a while as he avoided them. The story continues to evolve and his relationships continue to deepen and shift as he learns to deal with family. The characters themselves continue to grow and add new facets to their personalities.

Harry is tasked with contacting the Sidhe to find out why they are not helping with the fight against the Reds when they have violated their land. He is further given information that someone is using black magic in his town and that he needs to handle it. What he finds out about both situations brings him into contact with both the Summer Lady, Winter Lady, and Molly Carpenter. Molly is the wrench in the ointment because he has been trying to avoid her father and now he has no more excuses. As usual he is going to have to fight to save not only himself but his friends.

James Marsters continues to give life and breath to these characters, especially Harry Dresden, he has made him very real. Love it!

My rating: 4 of 5 stars
“I don’t care about whose DNA has recombined with whose. When everything goes to hell, the people who stand by you without flinching–they are your family.”
Jim Butcher, Proven Guilty


Blood Rites

Blood Rites

Blood Rites (The Dresden Files #6)

by Jim Butcher (Author), James Marsters (Narrator)
I am listening to the Dresden Files because I have read all of the books over the past several years and it became one of my favorite series and Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden became one of my favorite characters. I am gearing up for the next entry in the series, which I hope will arrive soon after I finish the last book. The series is total urban fantasy without the major romance you find in some, and that is appropriate for the main character. The characters have a rich life that you get to share in as they evolve more and more before your eyes. The stories always have an element of mystery and a noir feel that you expect within this world.

Thomas Raith hires Harry to help a friend who seems to be under some type of curse which is causing problems for those around him. The Black Court, Mavra in particular has taken over a downtown location and is causing problems. There is only one of him and yet he is trying to make sure that everyone comes out alive. To top things off Karrin Murphy is having family issues and Harry must be there for her. Murphy returns the favor and is there for him when he needs her the most.

Some surprises are popped, some alliances are forged, some new characters are introduced. This is a wonderful piece of work. Cannot recommend it more highly.

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
“Jobs are a part of life. Maybe you’ve heard of the concept. It’s called work? See, what happens is that you suffer through doing annoying and humiliating things until you get paid not enough money. Like those Japanese game shows, only without all the glory.”
Jim Butcher, Blood Rites

Death Masks

Death Masks

Death Masks (The Dresden Files #5)

by Jim Butcher (Author), James Marsters (Narrator)

Another good entry with the introduction of characters who will become very important later in the series. We meet Butters for the first time here in a limited way but you know he will be seen again since he is a doctor, even if he is into forensics. We also meet the Denarians and Nicodemus who are some very serious bad guys.

While a guest on a talk show Harry is ambushed by an emissary of the Red Court who informs him that there is a way to end the war. He also is sought out by a priest who wants to hire him for a job that could be very dangerous. He once again finds himself fighting for his life and trying to do the right thing for everyone.

Dresden is a good guy and a good wizard who does his best at all times but never seems to get ahead. Cannot help but be impressed by this character.We know how I feel about James Marsters. Love that voice! You have to listen to truly appreciate.


My rating: 4 of 5 stars

“There are things you can’t walk away from. Not if you want to live with yourself afterward.”
Jim Butcher, Death Masks

Summer Knight

Summer Knight

Summer Knight (The Dresden Files #4)

by Jim Butcher ( Author), James Marsters (Narrator)

Once again Jim Butcher gives me another great adventure with my favorite wizard. The Dresden series just continues to exceed my expectations at every turn. Having read the book quite a while ago it is something to listen to it and find all the nuances that you may have missed the first time jump out at you. The world continues to evolve and become richer as more about the wizard council and the fairies as well as the vampires is learned.

Harry cannot seem to catch a break. He gets a call from Billy which takes him to a park where frogs seem to be raining down, he is then informed by Billy that he has set up a meeting with a potential client, he is then summoned to a meeting of the White Council, and the Reds are still out for his blood. His year could not possibly get any worse. Or could it?

James Marsters continues to bring life to Harry and his merry band of friends of foes. His narration is the major reason to listen to these books, besides the fact that the stories are amazing. Continue the story and enjoy!

My rating: 5 of 5 stars