A Lost Witch

A Lost Witch
(A Modern Witch #7)
by Debora Geary,
Martha Harmon Pardee (Narrator)

This is the last entry in the Modern Witch series and they go out on a somber but high note. The characters have continued to evolve and become more able to draw me into their world and their lives. The world is the same one I inhabit but seems more because of the magic that is so abundant. The story has moved forward effortlessly from day one and as they have added more characters things have continued to build toward a finale that might not be expected.

The fetching spell seems to have found another witch but it did not work the regular way. This witch has sent a simple message,’ help me’, and that is just what they intend to do. Lauren takes the lead here and finds their errant witch in a mental hospital. The first thing to do is verify that she is actually a witch.

Hannah has been a resident of Chrysalis House for the past 12 years, since she was admitted by her family at age fifteen. She has spells where she sees things that sometimes come true and other times do not, but they always wreck havoc with her mind. When she is offered the chance at a normal life she is willing to do anything.

This was the perfect ending for a sweet series.

My rating: 4 of 5 stars



(Eternal Guardians #4)
by Elisabeth Naughton

Orpheus is the bad boy that you cannot help but love. He has done everything to make himself unlovable to others and yet he still has those who can see the good in him. I was totally happy to see his story. This was full of sacrifice, fated love, fated betrayal, and heroics. The language was just right to draw you further and further into the story with appearances by Argonauts and their mates that kept it moving at a steady pace.

Skyla is given an assignment by Athena that she figures will be routine, kill Orpheus, get the Orb and bring it back to Zeus. This is something she has done many times over her 2000 years as a Siren. But after meeting Orpheus she discovers something that Zeus and Athena failed to tell her, and if they did not tell her about this, what else might they be keeping from her.

Orpheus is hunting the sorcerer who sent his brother Gryphon’s soul to Tartarus, and stole the Orb to build his power. When a Siren shows up he knows what to expect but she does not act in the way he thought she would. Because of this he goes after Maelea, the daughter of Zeus and Persephone, which opens up a whole new set of problems.

This was a really good story that I am so glad got told. The Guardians may be the descendants of the gods but they are also men who have to figure out where they fit into the world around them. Everyone should take time for this lesson in mythology.

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

“Not trust. There is none.
Not honesty. Honesty is a farce.
And definitely not love. Love was the greatest ruse of all. Designed to trap and enslave and ultimately destroy.”
Elisabeth Naughton, Enraptured

Karibu Heat

karibu heat

Karibu Heat

I am giving this 4.5 stars because I really liked the story even if I didn’t have all the background (my fault for reading the sequel first). Though they did give a very good recap of the circumstances that brought them all to the Karibu Resort. I actually liked all the characters here as they were introduced, everyone had their own little quirks and attitudes, which made them more interesting. The story was simple and flowed well so that you always knew what was going on. The language works for the people and the situation and is appropriate.

Jager Manning follows Anjelee Montrose to the Karibu Resort after she has attempted to blackmail his client with the intention of making sure she goes to jail upon her return to the states. Anjelee for her part does not believe that he has any right to be following her, even though she had signed a contract saying she would never disclose or attempt to extort his client again, she lied. Then there is Keefer who is there with Anjelee and has no idea what she has gotten herself into, he loves her but will not tell her for fear of rejection. When these three finally come together it is an instant ignition of heat regardless of the situation before them. The question is can Jager remain impartial when he finds himself wanting to be a part of this threesome or will he complete his job like he has sworn too.

This is a fun and wild read that seems to have no holds barred as these three get sun and fun in a paradise of nudity and anything goes sex. Be warned there are scenes of mfm, mf, mmf, and mm. If you cannot take that much heat avoid it, but if you like some heat with your story go for it.



My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars


“And you’re going to tell me that reason right now. But before you do, let me explain to you the way I’m seeing it. You want me, I want you and we both want him. So…what do you say we come up with a plan to make us all happy?”

Fangs, Fur & Mistletoe


Fangs, Fur and Mistletoe (Mystic Isle #1)

I have always loved a good romance that involves a struggle of some type for the characters to be together. The characters here are so well defined that I immediately had an affinity with them and wanted to know everything about them. I was not drawn into things right from the start but when I was I had a hard time putting it down. The narrative is very straight forward and gives a fairly good look at everyone and everything that is happening on the Island. The story is told with multiple points of view so that you do not get just one side of the story.

CoCo Jeffres is taking a trip to Mystic Isle with her four coven mates in order to get her mojo back after getting out of a bad relationship. Coco is looking for some good sex and validation that she is still a sexy vampiress after Dimitri. CoCo’s friends are an interesting mix, her best friend is Izzy who has a particular dislike of werewolves and expects her friends to follow suit. Grayson West is a werewolf who has gone to Mystic Isle because he is about to go out on another mission and wants to have some female company before he enters the jungle, or desert or wherever he may end up.

Mystic Isle is the place paranormals go to play and have sexual encounters without consequence. CoCo and Grayson run into each other, the last time they saw each other was on a battlefield 100 years ago as enemies. Even as supposed enemies there was something between them that they could not name. When they see each other it all comes back, but they are not sure what it is or what to do about it. Can enemies become lovers?

Okay, once again Christmas is only alluded to in the story and is not an integral part of it. It seems to be more for the use of the mistletoe. I do have to date my self a little bit though because Latham seems very much like Mr. Roarke on Fantasy Island in how he handles his guests. I totally enjoyed this though, a very hot wolf, a sexy vamp, and a setting that made it all the more romantic in the end. I think anyone would enjoy this!

Sex, sand, and sun were the reason she and her four closest coven-mates booked this trip. Well, maybe not sun. The moon would have to do.


A Vampire’s Christmas Carol


A Vampire’s Christmas Carol

I am a major fan of the Charles Dickens story and read it and watch every film version I can find each Christmas. This was a perfect retelling with a vampire to rival Scrooge as a bad guy. This was a different type of vampire as well since they would not be considered technically dead, even though they are dead. This follows the original story very closely with the visitation by three guides, in this case a demon, an angel and a panther shifter. They appear for more or less the same reasons that Scrooge was visited by his spirits, in order to make him a better man and save him from himself.

Ben Prescott was an ordinary man until the Christmas Eve he was attacked and turned into what he considered a monster, he became a vampire, and he took the perception of evil to heart. His entire life was altered and he fell into a dark place because of the losses in his life and told himself that the things he did were justified. When he was about to make a mistake that could send him to the underworld for eternity ,Fate in the form of someone who cared, stepped in to give him a second chance at life by giving him a glimpse of what his future could hold if he does not change course.

There was a nice little twist to the story which may or may not be expected but I didn’t see that particular one coming. There is a Marley to start him on his journey, though not Jacob. This is a great addition to the holiday season for lovers of the paranormal.

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
She flew back to the little town of Desolate. Headed into the town’s only bar. William and Jamison were already inside, waiting for her. William glanced up at her approach. His lips quirked. “A demon, a shifter, and an angel walk into a bar…” “And all hell breaks loose,” Jamison finished with a laugh.

Holiday Submission


Holiday Submission (Hot Alpha Billionaire)

This is the second book I have read by Marilyn Lakewood and I love the way she writes her scenes. They are so real to life and make me feel like I am a part of the action as it occurs. This is not about the holiday per se but takes place during the Christmas season and adds to the fantasy that is being played out. I was into the story from the first page and stayed glued until the last page.

Caro Anderson has come to England for a short term design job but her friend knows of a service that puts together Doms and subs. Caro has been looking for the Dom who can take her to extremes but who can be trusted as well. She has had some less than good experiences since she started her search but continues to hope that her perfect dominant exists out there. Rhys Devlin has been looking for a submissive with the same appetite he has. He wants to have more than the body of a woman, he also would want her heart. Rhys thinks he may have found his perfect match if only he can get her to safeword before their weekend together comes to a close.

I did not really learn anything deep about either of the characters but I still felt like they were people I would be willing to get to know better. I do have a total fascination for BDSM and the stories, especially good ones, always make me even more interested. I wanted more, the ending was so abrupt and I wanted it to continue for a little longer. That for me is the sign of a good book, when you don’t want it to end because you want to follow the characters further. This has some serious bondage with whips and other tools which might be offensive to some. If you have no problem with hot sex and a dominant male then this is for you. I loved it!

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
“Why did you start looking for a Dom?” “A vanilla lover couldn’t give me the extremes.” “Yet no Dom has won you. Why?” “I haven’t found a Dom who will give me the extremes, Sir.” “I want the truth, Caro.” “You’re right. I’ve found some extremes, but not the right kind. Not the right Dom.” “Why, Caro? What was missing in them?” “Judgment, honor, gallantry. There’s a huge difference between a consensual sadist in the BDSM lifestyle, and a complete sadist. To me, a male who just likes to hurt things and has no compassion is a complete sadist, and less than a man. A male who consensually torments a woman to heighten lovemaking and bring them pleasure—a man who cares for her—is a true Dom, and the most desirable kind of man.”
Marilyn Lakewood, Holiday Submission   

Christmas in July


Christmas in July

Contrary to the cover and the title, this book has nothing to do with the holiday. I do have to say that even though it turned out not to really have a holiday theme behind it the story was still good enough to keep me reading until the end, and a very late night. The plot is simple but is set up nicely so that you are not disappointed when it does something expected. The characters are likable even if they are not fully realized as individuals.

Christmas Collins works for a company that does promotions for large corporations. She and her friend seem to be saddled with the majority of bad clients while Odessa has always gotten the best and fewest. When Odessa quits suddenly an opportunity to take over one of her clients in Palm Springs arises and gives Christmas a chance to see how the other half lives. Dylan Du Lac owns the house Christmas is renting and she was told by her boss that he is gay, because of this she acts very carefree while sunbathing nude in the pool when he comes by to check on the house. Dylan invites her to his Christmas in July party because what better person to have there than a girl named Christmas. Things definitely heat up after she attends his party with his friends who know him so well.

I thought both Dylan and Christmas were very cool. He might have been a billionaire but he was down to earth enough to know a great girl when he met her. Christmas may have been knocked down by love a few times but she was willing to keep trying, and sometimes that’s about all you can do. This may not have been a true Christmas story but it did have some of the magic of the season along with the hope the season brings. This could be a nice addition to a holiday read.

My rating: 5 of 5 stars