Hounded (Shifter Town Enforcement #1)

Hounded (Shifter Town Enforcement #1)

My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars
This book got my attention because it started in such a strange place, with Lennox crawling through grass in search of her arrest. There was no major lead in but you are brought into the story just as it begins to progress. I was ready to keep reading as soon as I realized this might be a little different from other novels I had read in the same genre and that this might be some interesting characters to get acquainted with. While some of the motivations of the characters seem off the story itself moves forward smoothly and logically allowing you to get insight into who these people are. I could feel for each of them as I found out a little of their backgrounds.

Lennox Donnely is a Hound (shifter police) who has been sent out to arrest Kanon Reyes for assaulting a Hound in her pack. Kanon is a lion shifter and is considered to be dangerous, this is because he had been a rogue in the past. When Lennox gains access to his home she is confronted by his partner Tegan Sharpe who asks that she allow them to prove Kanon’s innocence since he would be killed for a fight. Lennox agrees and from that moment her life changes in ways she could never have imagined. She undertakes to protect Kanon after finding that he is being framed for more than a simple assault and the person is continuing to kill in order to bring him down.

This is a bit of crime drama with a love story interwoven, though a hot love story between not two but three people. A forbidden love at that. Lennox is a ridgeback, a hound that tracks and arrests lions, they do not sleep with the enemy. While there are some really hot moments here the serial killer is the main focus with the romance seeming to be more of an aside. Regardless of what you take away from it this is a must read if you enjoy shifters of any type.


Hounded (Shifter Town Enforcement)


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